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June 2024

BPS meeting 'Molecular Biophysics of Membranes

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

What a great meeting! Excellent talks, and a very friendly and inclusive crowd. And all this in the stunning Lake Tahoe setting. Highly recommended!


May 2024

Our Plectasin article out in Nature Microbiology

After 8 (!) years of hard work, frustration, schools of red herrings, we are eventually thrilled to see our research on the host defense peptide plectasin out! Congratulations to the first authors Shehrazade 'Miranda' Jekhmane and Maik Derks! And co-author Eefjan Breukink! This was a huge collaborative effort. What a ride!


May 2024

Instruct-ERIC Biennal in Cascais, Portugal


I had the pleasure to present our research on the molecular mechanisms of antibiotics in the beautiful seaside town of Cascais, near Lisbon.

April 2024
Visit Belfast, Queen's

On invitation of Stephen Cochrane, I visited Queen's University of Belfast for three days, among other things to raise interest for the recently installed 500 MHz WB solid-state NMR magnet in Belfast, the first ssNMR magnet of Northern-Ireland. I gave two talks and had lots of interesting discussions on antimicrobials. Thanks a lot Stephen for being such an amazing host - I am looking forward to your visit to Utrecht in June!
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